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Mr. Tin Man’s Oil 4 Pack Bundle


Bundle options include the soothing CBD Roll On and its convenient Mini Roll On.

Select any 2 additional products to customize your bundle:

– Oils
– Gummies

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Introducing Mr. Tin Man's CBD Oil 4 Pack Bundle - your natural choice for comfort and well-being. This carefully curated selection features four distinct CBD oils, each tailored to enhance your health journey. From easing discomfort and fostering relaxation to mood enhancement and overall wellness support, our collection is designed to cater to your specific needs.

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1000mg Abuelita's Secret Zen Blend – Mushrooms & CBD, 3000mg Abuelita’s Secret Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract – Watermelon Flavored, 3000mg Full Spectrum Inner Balance – Watermelon Peach Flavored


750mg Cherry Gummies, 750mg Grape Gummies, 750mg Sleep Gummies – CHERRY, 750mg Tangerine Gummies